Toolbox Talk – Electricity on Site

Electricity on site

Toolbox Talk – Electricity on Site

Personal Protective Equipment:

Electricity can cause death or serious injury without warning.

Your body is an extremely good conductor – don’t find out the hard way.

This Toolbox Talk Covers: Underground cables and overhead power lines.


Underground Cables

  • Before digging, check plans provided by local electricity company, telephone company, and TV company.
  • Before digging, use a cable-locating device that is in good working order. Ensure you are trained to use it.
  • Assume all cables are live, unless you know differently.
  • Hand dig a trial hole to expose cables and continue hand digging. Use a cable locator to establish exact location.
  • When exposed, protect cable from damage and support it.
  • If the cable is accidentally damaged, keep all persons clear until the electricity company has inspected it.
  • Before back filling, ensure marker tapes or tiles are replaced.
  • If using power tools to break up concrete surfaces, avoid over penetration as the cable may be directly underneath.

Overhead Power lines:

Treat all overhead lines as live. Don’t assume that they are only telephone wires.
Ensure you know the maximum clearance distances specified by the electricity company. Do not bypass ‘goal posts’, barriers, or other warnings.
Check your route is clear of overhead power lines, prior to moving a mobile scaffold tower.
If signalling, always keep power lines in view. Guide plant under power lines where goal posts’ have been erected.
Ensure you observe all special precautions laid down by the electricity company, prior to working under overhead lines.
If erecting scaffolding, adjacent to power lines, ensure the poles are handled a safe distance away.
Don’t stack materials or operate tippers under power lines; it will reduce the safe clearance and can result in arcing.



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