250,000 man hours without a RIDDOR


250,000 man hours without a RIDDOR

Thomas Interiors are delighted to have achieved the milestone of working 250,000 man hours without a RIDDOR incident across all of our projects.

Thomas Interiors Health & Safety Advisor, Matt Hollister stated; 

The safety and health of our staff and colleagues is of the utmost importance for all at Thomas Interiors and i am very proud that we have achieved this milestone. Our safety record does not come from sheer luck, we work tirelessly to ensure that our staff are provided with the very best training, understand the importance of maintaining a safe working environment and encourage one another to challenge anything that could put the welfare of our staff and others at risk.Therefore I believe that it is essential that we enjoy achievements of this nature , recognise the efforts that have been made to get here and remind ourselves that we must continue to keep the good working habits that have helped us reach this milestone and ensure that we maintain our focus on ensuring that our staff are working safely at all times.

Bernie Thomas, Managing Director of Thomas Interiors
I am very happy that we have managed to meet this milestone, i have been aware for some time that we have been edging closer to our target but didn’t want to say anything at a risk of tempting fate..  As Matt has already said, we will continue to work tirelessly in relation to Health and Safety and will maintain our focus to continue the excellent habits and procedures that have enabled us to be 250,000 hours RIDDOR free.

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