A day in the life of an Electrical Manager

Lee Thompson

A day in the life of an Electrical Manager

Name: Lee Thompson

Job Title: Electrical Manager

What made you want to get into the Electrical Industry?

After leaving school I enrolled onto the local electrical apprenticeship scheme at Bracknell college and have gradually worked my way up from electrical apprentice to my current position as electrical manager.

How long have you been with Thomas Interiors: 3.5 years

What does a typical day consist of:

A typical day in the life of an electrical manager at Thomas Interiors would involve reviewing the job reports in the morning from the night before, then actioning any items that require my attention. These would usually consist of ordering materials, providing test certificates or answering any questions the electricians have raised.

I then issue these job reports to the clients and offer to meet them on site to review the works later that day. I am fortunate enough to work with some very talented and interesting people and this does tend to be the most enjoyable part of my day. We review the works on site, check the drawings, the quality of work and may address any potential aspect that require immediate attention i.e. works that might be holding up other trades. 

I often review an up-coming project with the electrical estimating department or meet with other clients to discuss potential new works whilst at the airport. 

Once complete, I head back to the office and complete any paperwork, these would typically consist of writing RAMS, assisting with quotations, providing clients with certification or raising ‘RFI’’ etc. 

The final task of the day would normally be ensuring the electricians are aware of the works they have scheduled for that evening. This also gives me a chance to see how everyone is doing and a chance to have a bit of a catch up.  

Tell us about something you’re really proud of in your career so far:

I am extremely proud of running the Heathrow midnight marathon for charity which helped raise money for Oxfam, Help for Heroes, Heathrow Community Fund and Hillingdon Autistic Care and Support.

What advice would you give to someone else thinking of becoming an Electrical manager:

Stay switched on – you can always learn something from the most unlikely of sources. 

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