Fire Stopping Accreditation

Fire Stopping Accreditation

Fire Stopping Accreditation

Following a planned audit from BM Trada last month, we are delighted to announce that we have been successful in gaining the BM TRADA scheme certificate for Q-Mark Fire Stopping Installation to STD05B for a further three years.

The BM Trada Fire Stopping certification scheme is to enable us to carry out Fire Stopping which conforms with the 2010 building regulations – Fire Safety approved Document B. This document outlines the requirements for all new builds, modernisation of an existing building and extension works….

Nick Currie – Fire Stopping Manager said

“ To be accredited with the Q Mark BM Trada certification for Fire Stopping is a credit to the our operatives who carry out the integral installation works as per the manufacturer’s instructions provided and to the correct standard to enable protection from the spread of flame and smoke to the building operations and to help with the safe evacuation of Occupants”.

Thomas Interiors offer a full range of Fire Stopping solutions 

These Include:

  • Group A: Fire stopping and fire sealing products/ kits for penetration seals
  • Group B: Fire stopping and fire sealing products for linear joint seals
  • Group C: Fire stopping and fire sealing products for cavity barriers

Fire stopping is a method of compartmentalisation within a building that forms an effective barrier against the spread of flame and smoke.

The aim of fire stopping:

·        To provide more time to the building occupants for evacuation

·        To limit building damage and ultimately continuity of operations

·        To allow more time for the fire service response and emergency evacuation

To find out more about our Fire Stopping services please see here –

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