After several months of planning and development, Thomas Interiors are delighted to announce the launch of our Health and Safety Management Programme named PRIDE.

Following on from many years of investment and learning Thomas Interiors have managed to obtain an excellent track record in relation to safety and can boast some robust Health and Safety Processes, which have enabled us to obtain many industry leading accreditations and boast an enviable client list and project portfolio. In order to maintain our safety record and ensure that our sites and workplaces are maintained to the highest order, it was decided that we needed to think about the areas of our performance that we feel need to be improved and adopt a fresh approach to our safety management.

Matt Hollister, Health and Safety Advisor for Thomas Interiors stated:

I am incredibly fortunate that when joining Thomas Interiors back in 2012, I was inheriting a Health and Safety management system that was both well thought out and most importantly well executed. This had meant that our processes, procedures and site activities remain safe, controlled and well planned at all times, resulting in the company’s Health and Safety targets, expectations and reputation growing to such a level that we were discussing the finer details of safety management on site, making  the identification for improvement that much harder to find

Never the less, it is essential that to avoid complacency and continue the growth of our Health and Safety Culture, it was imperative that we look to freshen things up, so we started looking for trends in our Site Inspections, Health and Safety Audits and finally taking a step back to see what our competitors with impeccable safety records are doing, to manage safety within their own organisations.  

Following the research and a 360 degree review of our performance, it was clear that if we are to raise standards we need to look at the finer details of what we are doing and to raise the bar in the execution of our safety campaigns, increase the levels of the perception of risk at site level and enhance the level of engagement at all levels in relation to Safety and Health.

Finally, such is the success that we have had to date, it was important for me to tweak what we are doing rather than re-invent the wheel and be proud of what we are doing currently and what we will be doing in the future. From there the concept of PRIDE was born and we had a banner in which we will run our Health and Safety Management System from now on.

In my opinion the concept of PRIDE is simple:

  • Promoting Teamwork.
  • Encouraging Leadership.
  • Raising Standards.
  • Recognising Contribution.
  • Delivering on our expectations.
  • Pro-actively addressing lapses in performance levels.
  • Enhancing the levels of our site set ups.
  • Empowering our staff to want to be the best in every aspect of the Health and Safety performance of our Organisation.

In order to manage the performance of Safety it was important for me to set measurable expectations for the company for 2020 and remove the terminology of Targets. My view are that a Target is something that you aspire to achieve, where as an expectations sets out your stall to the minimum levels that we as an organisation are willing to accept and to incorporate procedures to pro-actively manage lapses in performance, so that we can continue to progress and move in a direction that reduces risk, makes our sites safer and most importantly results in our team returning home safely on a daily basis.

I am very excited for the launch of PRIDE, I think we have recognised some key areas for improvement and I hope that our team will start to see the changes in the coming weeks.

Bernie Thomas, Managing Director for Thomas Interiors agreed with Matt’s sentiments stating;

It is my belief that the work that has been done by Matt and the Team to date, will certainly contribute to raising the standards of safety for all of the company’s output and the fact that we are doing so, with a good safety record and in a pro-active manner, further illustrates the importance that we place on Health and Safety within Thomas Interiors. Our team is our biggest asset and their safety and welfare is of the utmost importance. It is imperative that as a team we now continue to support Matt and raise the very high standards that have already been set and further enhance all areas of our safety performance.

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