Toolbox Talk – Accident Prevention

Accident Prevention

Toolbox Talk – Accident Prevention

Accident Prevention

Recent HSE figures showed that, in one year, the construction industry had 3,961 major injuries and 133 fatalities.

The industry employs 5.4% of the total UK workforce, but accounts for 23% of all fatalities. Don’t become the next statistic.

This Toolbox Talk will cover: Causes, costs and prevention of accidents


Causes of Accidents

  • People not thinking about what they are doing.
  • People not following instructions.
  • People not following the training they have been given.
  • Unsafe manual handling, loading, stacking, and storage.
  • Overloading of work places i.e. scaffolding and hoists.
  • Incorrect use of plant and machinery.
  • Using faulty or ‘bodged’ equipment.
  • Illegal removal of guards and barriers.
  • Failure to use personal protective equipment – PPE.
  • Ignoring safety signals, signs and warning devices.


Cost of Accidents to you:

  • Pain, suffering and disability.
  • Loss of earnings and extra expense due to disability.
  • Unable to do your job or pursue leisure activities.
  • Unable to support family, including possible family break-up.
  • Death, you won’t care, but your friends and family will.
  • Someone is expecting you home tonight!


Accident Prevention:

  • Don’t remove guards from machines.
  • Don’t handle substances without knowing the hazards.
  • Don’t use machines if untrained, and follow the training given.
  • Always comply with Safe Working Practices.
  • Wear and use PPE correctly, don’t abuse it.
  • Don’t direct compressed air at yourself or others, it kills.
  • Never ‘mess around’ while working.
  • Never use defective equipment or machinery.
  • Help to keep the workplace clean and tidy.
  • Wash and dry hands to remove substances from skin.
  • Report unsafe conditions to your supervisor.
  • Use the right tools and equipment for the job.
  • Obey all safety rules and signs.
  • Don’t leave tool lying about where they can fall.

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