Toolbox Talk – Confined Spaces

Toolbox Talk - Confined Spaces

Toolbox Talk – Confined Spaces

Confined Spaces:

Many workers die in ignorance of the dangers of confined spaces. The dead often include ill-prepared rescuers.

This Toolbox Talk Covers: Hazards, before entry, work in confined spaces and emergency procedures.


  • Oxygen-depleted or enriched environments.
  • Presence of suffocating, toxic, or flammable atmosphere.
  • Actual or potentially hostile environment (inside plant).
  • Biological hazards, (e.g. Weil’s disease from rat’s urine).
  • Confined spaces include cellars, chambers, pits, tanks, manholes, sewers, tunnels, and some excavations.


Before Entering a Confined Space:

  • You must be trained before you enter a confined space.
  • Don’t enter a confined space until a competent person makes a full assessment.
  • Check for flammable or toxic gases and O2
  • Ventilate the space if possible.
  • If breathing apparatus is required, don’t enter a confined space if you’re not trained. Obey permits to work.
  • Check communications and monitoring equipment.
  • Ensure a means of rescue and the means of summoning the Emergency Services is in place.

Working in Confined Spaces:

  • Ensure emergency facilities and procedures are in place.
  • Wear protective equipment and clothing required.
  • Only BASEFFA-approved electrical equipment is to be used where flammable gases may be present.
  • Don’t eat, drink, smoke or use naked flame or allow exhaust fumes in close proximity to point of entry.
  • Wash hands at end of each shift.

Emergency Procedures

  • Make sure recovery winch and apparatus is working.
  • Locate position of nearest telephone and understand emergency procedure.
  • Don’t attempt a rescue without first raising alarm and wearing breathing apparatus.
  • The first duty of any rescuer is to ensure their own safety, don’t become a casualty.
  • Leave confined space immediately if told to do so.

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