Toolbox Talk – Head Protection

Toolbox Talk - Head Protection

Toolbox Talk – Head Protection

Head Protection:

Every year workers sustain head injuries, many of them fatal.

Many of these injuries could have been prevented if helmets had been worn or used correctly.

This Toolbox Talk Covers: Hazards, head protection and maintenance


  • Loose material being kicked into an excavation.
  • Material falling from a scaffold platform.
  • Material falling from a load being carried by a crane or hoist.
  • Material falling from a loaded skip or dumper.
  • A scaffolder dropping a fitting while erecting or dismantling a scaffold.
  • Workers above dropping tools or equipment


Head Protection and Maintenance:

  • You have a legal obligation to use the head protection provided.
  • Don’t go into areas where head protection is required, unless you are wearing your helmet.
  • Ensure that the helmet fits you and is suitable for the job.
  • Take care of the equipment issued to you.
  • Ensure that a damaged, lost, or out of date helmet is replaced immediately.
  • Check your helmet regularly and follow manufacturer’s instructions on replacement dates.
  • Don’t store the helmet in direct sunlight, keep it safe not on the floor.
  • Wear your helmet correctly, peak to the front, it’s not a baseball cap. The peak protects your nose from falling objects.
  • Wear a chinstrap if you have to bend forward or down, or in windy conditions.
  • Don’t customise your helmet; any alterations may weaken the shell, and your head!



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